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    Your Partner in Empowering NDIS Participants
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    Your Partner in Empowering NDIS Participants
At BCOGNITIVE, we are dedicated to assisting National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants in understanding their rights, making complaints, and raising issues with NDIS providers. As a specialist mental health practice, we understand the unique challenges faced by psychosocial participants, and our experience positions us as a preferred provider for the GO6050 grant.

Our Expertise :

We possess a deep understanding of the NDIS Code of Conduct, which guides our practice to ensure ethical and responsible service delivery. Our commitment to upholding these standards is reflected in our daily operations.
BCOGNITIVE adheres to the effective complaint handling guidelines for NDIS providers, as outlined by the NDIS Commission. We have developed robust processes and protocols to address complaints promptly, transparently, and in accordance with the guidelines.
Our team is well-versed in the rights of NDIS participants. We advocate for participant-centric approaches and empower individuals to exercise choice and control over their services. Our knowledge ensures that participants understand their rights and can confidently raise concerns or provide feedback.

Examples of Successful Engagements

Masterclass Project

Our past projects, such as the Masterclass, exemplify our successful collaboration with people with disabilities. This project has helped NDIS participants understand their plans, navigate the complaints process, and assert their rights. We co-designed the Masterclass in consultation with support coordinators, local area coordinators, occupational therapists, and other stakeholders to ensure its effectiveness and accessibility.
Accessible and

Culturally Appropriate Resources

Commitment to Accessibility

BCOGNITIVE has a strong track record in developing accessible resources that cater to diverse needs. We employ various formats, including plain language, visual aids, and alternative media, to ensure our materials are accessible and inclusive.

Culturally Appropriate Approach

We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity. Our resources and tools are designed to be culturally appropriate, considering the diverse backgrounds and experiences of NDIS participants.
Partnerships and Advocacy

Collaboration with Advocacy Organizations

BCOGNITIVE has established partnerships and arrangements with organizations that represent and advocate for people with disabilities. These collaborations strengthen our knowledge base, ensure a participant-focused approach, and provide valuable insights into the needs and aspirations of the disability community.


Choice and Control

Our proposal is designed to empower participants to exercise choice and control over their NDIS journey. By providing comprehensive information, tools, and support, we enable participants to understand what they can expect from services and how to raise concerns, provide feedback, and make complaints effectively.

Enhanced Outcomes

Our project aims to strengthen participant outcomes by equipping them with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the NDIS landscape. Through our interventions, participants gain confidence, make informed decisions, and achieve their goals.
Engaging NDIS Providers

Encouraging Adoption of Outcomes

BCOGNITIVE actively engages with NDIS providers, including those in regional areas, to encourage the adoption of the project’s outcomes. We collaborate with providers to raise awareness, share best practices, and promote the implementation of effective complaints
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